Walk Out. Shut The Door. Doesn’t Look Back.

Divorced-Walking- out -the -door-relationship
The Evolving Woman In You.

How many doors have you walked out of and turned around to make sure the door was locked?
Or how many times have you looked back and not want to?
How can someone forget what happened to them in their past?

Our past is everything up until the present; they’re times shared with your partner, family, and friends. So, does it make sense to say don’t look back? No, it doesn’t.

What can you do to bring clarity to your previous relationship?
Especially if he or she exited hostile, or did you?

Everything about us lies behind us; no different from the footprints in the sand that’ll remain until the waves from the ocean wash them away.

Keep the good and learn from the rest.

I would recommend that you dance to the music you once ignored by taking a deeper look at yourself and admitting you were just as guilty as the other. It doesn’t matter who walked away first; it’s who has the bigger balls to forgive and at least try to forget. When situations occur with a family member, spouse, or partner, we must address the situation then. No different from hearing music that you like, and you begin to dance, you don’t dance after the fact. In failed relationships, no one wanted to dance and face the music while it was playing.

Instead, they put on their shades and earphones to plug themselves out instead of in. That’s when conversations should have taken place instead of silence. That’s when your eyes were open to what was going on, and you closed them.

Should you look back?

.Yes! To grow away from the past, you’ve left. Our past is who we are; it’s our story to tell. It’s how we’ve grown into the person we’re becoming. The more you can look back and not become angry the bigger and better you become.

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