The Eye of the Heart of the Blended Family and its due Respect

Blended Families of Divorced-single-dating Most of the times you can feel close to someone and then it turns out, you’re not close enough, though the eyes of the heart are wide open revealing what needs attention and yet, ignored.

Let’s talk about blended families.

When two people come together to have children, they’re apparently coming from a different bloodline. Often the blending of two DNA during the process of conceiving the genetic makeup of the embryo takes place by going deep within their bloodline.

Do you believe you were created based on the history and composition of your ancestors?
How is it determined who you are and how you’ll treat people as you develop in society?
Have you ever wondered why some children never smile and look angry and how some kids appear to be happy with a hug to show their affection? Could their personality development come from the mother’s experience during pregnancy?

When families come together blending that they know nothing about why do you think the roots from their genetic makeup will welcome you the way your heart embraces them, Vice Versa?

When Love is connected unconditionally, it should thrive without evidence of separating even though different blends.

I’m sure you already know

If you or your partner have children, you will never be their mother, Vice versa. Not saying, don’t treat them like they’re not your natural biological child. What’s another way to treat them? Like a step child?

When it’s blended, It’s respect.

I wouldn’t expect and don’t expect any more than respect from the blended. Remember it’s up to the primary root (Father or Mother) to nurture and blend in harmony.

When you’re happy in a relationship with someone who has children; if you step back and look at the eye of the heart, you’ll know that water and grease don’t mix.

Are you recently divorced with children?
Are your kids acting out?
Are you in a blended family with children?
Do you have children?
Does he or she have kids?
How do you feel?
Are you willing to step up to the plate when your child disrespect the absent parent’s role model?
Are you willing to step back and accept you cannot put your hands on other people children?

You can only demand respect!

When you take the issue to the primary root, step back and see how they handle it; the reactions will totally depend on their action taken.

If the child is young and growing, and is not connecting with you, the relationship can grow into hate if they’re not feeling a connection, or into trust, with the proper nourishment.

If their adult children well the same ingredients in the batter are in the crumbs.

You can only step back and let the eye of the heart reveal things that you may not want to view, but is necessary to know, how much nurturing the roots need from the vine where the blood flows that connects everyone.

For the life of the flesh is in the blood

Tips to embrace
Be careful who you have sexual relations with and take more time developing ties with partners with children. You may need to dig deep into their genetic makeup by observing their family members.

Do not eliminate the eyes of the heart that reveal more of a brighter picture, often to show if we’re blending in the right soil.

What’s your plan?
Keep God in it!

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