She Grumbles and Squawks When He Hits The Door.

Talk-outloud-Say Something. Don't hold it in. One of the things I would highly recommend not to do when your mate comes home is to argue with them immediately.  When this happens, it’s mostly coming from having an idle mind fixated on yesterday’s disagreements.  At least allow time for them to remove their coat and step away from the door.   What do you think will happen after shouting and name bashing?

Answer: Someone will seek a peace of mind elsewhere.

How would you handle this?
You decide to go to make a bank deposit, and the bank teller asks; If you would like your balance, and you said yes! It is the very moment you learned that the shared bank account was several digits off. Your partner typically made the deposits, and you never checked the bank balance, because you trusted and believed he/she would let you know of any concerns. This particular time he doesn’t.

A week passes by, and during this period your partner has asked: “if everything was okay”?
He could feel the strangeness going on between you and him. Several days pass, and you stop speaking. Your mind has taken in all sorts of answers to the missing money in the account. One day he walks in, and before he could lock the door you don’t ask about the bank account, you ask, how long has he been cheating? His eyes grow large, and he begins to growl, showing teeth of anger and shouts:

“What the hell are you talking about, cheating”? So he assumes you must be since you are the accuser.

Stay in a win/win mind frame.
When you attentively have empathy, you’ll win no matter what. There’s always a solution to overcoming challenges.

When we seek to understand, we win.

Proverbs 21:19

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife

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