Image of a Woman caught in a fishers net.

Divorced Single Dating. Unprotected Sex or Raw Sushi?

A image of a woman caught in a net of a fisher seeking Raw Sex

What comes to your mind when I say the word Raw, Sushi or Sex? I believe there’s a list that a male partner keeps and your name may very well be on it. One side reads Raw and the other not Raw. Which side are you on?

Do you eat raw sushi?

If you do not eat raw sushi, why are you having raw sex, knowing he doesn’t eat raw sushi either?

I can think of one reason to keep him from eating raw fish.  The possibility of a parasite worm and its bacteria entering into the blood. Everything about raw sushi applies to raw sex. Instead of stomach problems, you’ll have a burning vagina issue along with other body sensations all the way to your mind being drained from thinking about what to do.

Don’t get caught in the game of wanting to be loved, feeling lonely, and
want sex so bad that you give in when he says to you

“Baby if I wear protection, I can’t feel anything” and the real reason is,

He just doesn’t have any feelings for you.

Don’t let your feelings get in the way of having unprotected sex. The first time you commit to having unprotected sex with him, you’ll go on the side of his list that reads RAW.

You already know the drill. Wear protection. Protect you and your future.

By The Way

Before he ejaculates he may try to comfort you by saying he’s going to pull himself out.  I’m hoping you’re protected against unwanted disease and pregnancy.  Just because you may have passed the age of having children,  you can still give birth to something unwanted.  Once he puts himself inside of you, whatever he has, you can expect it to be transmitted to you.

When Jesus saw Peter

And his brother Andrew fishing at the lake shore, He told them to cast their net in the deep part of the water on the right side of the boat. He also told the two men to follow Him and he would make them fishers of men.

Men will go out in the deep and cast their net for women who are willing to be sweet-talked into having raw sex. Don’t be the fish caught in the net of thinking he cares when he’s just a fisher of women.  He’s looking to catch the next raw fish in his net of sweet talk and nothings knowing he doesn’t eat raw sushi.

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