Quietly looking for Someone to Love

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There you are constantly going out with your divorced, single, and dating male-bashing girlfriends. The women you’re with are saying they don’t want a man and at the same time seeking to understand why it’s difficult to have a simple honest and loving relationship.

Oh, no, they won’t admit it, but deep in your heart, you’re also seeking love. While hanging with your secretive friends, you can feel their energy every time a male walks into the room. Not only can you feel their energy, but you noticed the silence, lips licking, eyes bucking, legs crossing, sitting erect in their seat, and flickering their hair. There’s no need to say anything. Their reactions to the tall 6’9 bearded toasted almond cinnamon gentlemen caused it all. But wait! Another charming man comes in and greets toasted almond cinnamon by putting his right hand on his left shoulder and walks away.

“Oh no he didn’t one of the ladies said, another responds, “oh yes he did.”

The second male action sparked reactions from the lips licking, leg crossing, and hair flickering friends. And finally, someone steps up and asks, what’s the big deal? and continues to speak saying;

He doesn’t know you! Stop acting like he’d asked you out on a date and took a man out instead. After all, everyone’s chit-chatting about a man they know nothing about. Plus, stop judging from afar.

Look At Yourself

When you take out the time to access yourself, (lacks, wants, and desires) people we associate with more than likely may have the same desires, wants, but different lacks. It is okay to have girlfriends who desire a loving relationship, but it’s not okay to be buried in how you feel. To know what’s truly going on take a look within yourself.

Say, “I Want Love” “I Want To Love”  “Show Me How”

Say what you want. If it’s love that you want then say, I want to be loved. Your true feeling will always reveal itself in some form or fashion. If you’re finding it difficult to express love or being open to receiving it. No one can show or tell you how to love or what to say to a potential date or an ex-partner. You’ll have to dig within the depth of the abyss of your soul to discover, uncover, and recover the answers right there floating on top waiting to be discovered, uncovered, recovered, and discarded. But first, there must be an awakening to love and understanding that,

Love is God’s Gift and protection downloaded as a guide to alert us to change.

Always be open to love. If you’re not you’ll never recognize it, even when looking in the mirror.

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