Praying For Women in a Domestic Violence Relationship. “No More”

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Scott Umstattd

Praying for women who’re in a domestic violence relationship. For God to give them the strength and courage to make a safe exit plan. To encourage them to understand love isn’t violent; it doesn’t and will not cause physical or mental pain. God give them the mindset to know the next blow to their face or head area may be the one to knock them in a coma or out into a casket. There’s more for them outside the box than the tormented hell they’re living in which consumes them in darkness. You’ve already given them the gift of choice, provide them with the power to make the right decision to walk away.

Lead them to the Greyhound Bus Station, give them hope to trust you God to guide them to safe pastures, knowing the time and hour shall come and they shall recover with healing and strength to tell their story to encourage another woman to fight back by walking away from an abusive relationship saying,

“No More.”


Touch your screen and say amen!

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