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We often hear, look on the inside first, and then the outer.  Well, that’s a valid statement in itself. One I try to be about on a daily basis.  When it comes to our external appearance, we need to work on it just as much as we do the inner.  The mind, heart, body, and soul is what makes us whole.  Often any neglect of the four dimensions gifted to us forces the mind into a diffuse mode of thinking, confirming our thoughts of abandoning ourselves.  That no matter what we do it’s not going to change anything. Mostly because we’re trying to read other people minds along with pejorative thinking, we give up.

The Book Of Esther

When I read the book of Esther, I learned how imperative it was for women in the biblical days to attend a year in Beauty School learning how to create their perfume, with knowledge of essential oils one specifically named, Myrrh, and six months of cosmetics.   I started researching and found 100 % pure Essential Oils  Rejuvenate.  I’ve dabbled the oils in all the right places, and I must say I’m in love.

Woman to Woman

After Esther learned how to embrace her natural beauty along with natural oils and her knowledge gained; about how important it is to keep yourself smelling good, feeling and looking good.  She won the king’s favor, and he crowned her Queen Esther.

Are you ready for your king when he arrives or is he already there? If not, start now pampering yourself, and by the time he comes, it will be natural for you to do what many have started and stopped doing.  You won’t have to hear him saying..”What you use to do”  when you know that you are continuing to do the things that make you radiant.

Stay Gorgeous.

Get ready!  He’s coming for you!

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