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Hey, first of all, thank you for coming to my appointment page.

Are you Ready To Awaken Your Soul To Change, For Love?

Take advantage of my “free” 30 minutes Love “Soul” Chat.  My aspiration is to inspire you to Awaken Your Soul To Change.  In order to receive love, you must be awakened to be loved and give to receive love. It all starts with how your thoughts are gathered around relationships (family, friends, or lover).  You also may have some illusional thoughts that may have blocked you from experiencing true love, example thoughts are:

  1. There are no good men or women.
  2. All men cheat and especially women.
  3. Most women want men to take care of them.
  4. Who wants a woman with children?
  5. I am the black sheep in my family.
  6. Everyone works against me.
  7. People are jealous of what I have.
  8. Every woman/man wants me.
  9. I hate being around people.
  10. I’m cursed.
  11. What’s wrong with me?
  12. I am disabled.
  13. I need to reduce my weight, first.
  14. I find myself unattractive.
  15. Add yours

You’ve never asked yourself what is it you needed to change to remove the blockage.

 I know what it feels like to wonder why it happened and then fault the other person and not look at yourself.  It is them and not me. I’ve experienced being divorced, single with two children and dating.  Along with other personal and business challenges. I’ve felt being alone, I’ve been choked and left with feelings of unworthiness, empty, and at times have wondered why I was born. My life didn’t turn around until I Awakened my soul by becoming Aware of my Worth and Acceptance by Knowing there is an Earthly Suitable Mate for me by Embracing a New Me by Design. That’s when everything shifted for me and I married my Earthly Suitable Soulmate.  I want the same shift for you.

I recognized “I Am The Gift Of Love”!

I had to really take a look at the bigger picture.  I made the choice that no one controlled my actions but me.  I realized my expectation were five steps above real. I had to come back to reality and asked myself two questions.

  1. Do I want to be alone for the rest of my life or do I want to love?
  2. What variables do I need to add or remove to have the right equation and get my life back on track?

Let’s Have A Soul Chat, Will You?

I love helping men and women connect with their deeper soul selves too:

  1. Uncover what’s hidden.
  2. Recover their soul purpose.
  3. Discover the truth.

You’re in control of your life canvas and, it is the right time to Uncover your blocks, Recover your Peace, Joy, and LOVE, and Discover it’s no better time than now, to gain personal growth and awareness to become more Powerful, (Rise above your circumstances) Purposeful (Have an objective in mind) and Productive (Do what it takes to reach the next level in your life).  When you have a plan to make a deeper love connection with thy-self, “Your Earthly Soulmate Cometh”.  

Divorced, Single, Dating, and Other Matters

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